How essential is SEO?

SEO… Essential!

SEO (search engine optimization) in simple terms is enhancing your websites ability to be found my search engines.

  There are a few things that you should watch out for when you are optimizing your site.

  Don’t make duplicate posts or pages: Search engine crawlers don’t want to give their clients the same post twice, they make things simple. If a crawler searches through a page and finds it very similar to another, then chances are one of them won’t show up in the list.

  Get quality backlinks to your site: the more backlinks to your site the higher it will rank in the listings. It’s like going to an arcade and winning tickets to cash in for a prize. The more tickets you have, the better the prize you receive, and in this case the prize is more traffic.

  This article by Carolyn Barratt talks about using text, flash and HTML to boost your SEO rankings. (You should check it out later)

Something that I have been working on for my own website is keyword research. Keyword Research is exactly what it sounds like, researching the effective keywords for your niche. Once you obtain a list of keywords for your niche, you are then able to enrich your content and pages with these keywords. This will help raise your rankings because the crawlers will view your information as relevant to the searches.

  This article gives an interesting viewpoint on thinking outside the box when optimizing your site. (You should also check this one out later)

  Now that I have given you some information on SEO, lets talk about the benefits and why you should definitely apply this to your website.

  Why would you want to go through this process? Is it really going to help me out?

  YES! It will help you out more than you know; especially in the long run. After a little while and the search engines have enough time to crawl through your site, it will appear in the rankings more often. Thus, getting more traffic to your site, and depending on what you are trying to do, make more sales or gain readers.

  Feel free to ask me any questions.

  -Matt Haughey

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