How to Blog

Have you ever found yourself wonder… How do you blog?
When people want to start a blog, typically the first thing they do is ask themselves

  How exactly do I “Blog”?

  Lets just talk about it real quick…

  So first of all, in order to understand how to blog we have to define what a blog is.

  Blog (My definition): Place where you can write or share any thoughts that you would like other people to know of. It’s very much like a journal. Typically a blog has a centered subject and readers who are interested in the subject, visiting the blog. A blog is an excellent way to share information with others.

  This is what a lot of people do when they want to start a blog.

  They think TOO hard. Blogging is not something that should be difficult. All you have to do is talk about the thing you went online to talk about in the first place. They get so bogged down on thinking “Oh man! I just don’t know what to write! I don’t know how to start! I’ve never done this before!”

  Just… start! (Make a leap and have a go of it, trust me! You’ll be a blogger in no time)

Something good to remember when starting out a blog.

  The first entry is ALWAYS the hardest. Just like anything you do, the first time is always the most daunting. After that… The articles flow much easier.

  Test it out, open up a word document and just give it a shot. Read it to yourself and see if it sounds like a good article that you would enjoy reading if someone else had written it.

  Need Some Steps?

Ok if you need a little push here is a basic list of things to do when you write a blog.

  1.    Figure out what you want to talk about.

2.    Do a little brainstorming and figure out the main points you want to get across with the entry.

3.    Open up a document and start typing.

4.    Try entering as if you were talking to someone in person about the topic, almost as though you are giving a presentation.

5.    Let the readers know what they are about to read.

6.    Fill up the article with some good content on your topic.

7.    End it as you would if you just finished presenting the information in front of an audience.

Now obviously this is not exactly what everyone does. There is not just ONE way to write a blog. I just wanted to give you some basic ideas and help get the ball rolling. Feel free to ask me any questions you have or if you need any help, drop me a comment, they all go straight to my email, no one else reads them. I’ll be happy to help in anyway that I can. After all that’s what I’m on here to do. Help people blog.  

  Good luck!
-Matt Haughey

Posted via email from The Collegiate-Preneur


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