What could be as important to your blog as writing good articles?!

Blogging… Yeah it’ll work if you post some nice entries and get people to read them. And yeah, they may very well respond but then again they might not. Got Google analytics? Well yeah sure I have analytics… What does it say?

It says people go to the site but then they leave. Hmmm… What could this mean? It might mean that your articles aren’t as good as you think. OR! You aren’t getting the right traffic from the right places.

What can I do about this Matt? (You might find yourself asking in an inquisitive voice)
Let me tell you. Are you ready? Did you put your listening ears on?

Interact with the community. NO I don’t mean respond to comments on YOUR blog. I mean go out there (and by “out there” I mean the internet) and find some other people who are interested in the same things that your blog talks about.

Yeah! Find some other blogs to read! Now here’s the key part.

What happens when you read a good article? YOU COMMENT ON IT!

What happens when you comment on an article? OTHER PEOPLE READ WHAT YOU SAY!

What happens when other people read what you say? THEY JUST MIGHT WANT TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU!

Sounds like something you should take advantage of doesn’t it. But, how?!
Well, here’s what seems to be a very efficient way of using this concept.

Step 1:

End your comment in a way so that when someone reads it, they will have a question or want more.

More on this topic at on my blog.
Feel free to check out my blog if you want to read more.

Step 2:

In your signature leave your URL.

-Matt Haughey

Does this work? Yes… Yes it does. Why? Because the traffic you gain from these comments is all “THE RIGHT TRAFFIC”
People who are interested in what you have to say, and interact with your blog just like you just did on someone else’s blog.


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