Hmmm.. Connecting with your readers… Interesting!

Hey everyone,

Today I just wanted to talk about how to get your readers to comment on your articles. But first lets talk about why we want comments to bad.

Comments are sort of like the blogging fuel. No comments = less desire to write. The point of a blog is to tell people what you are thinking and if no one is responding, why bother right?

So a lot of times.. Not too long ago; my traffic started to pick up but I wasn’t getting any comments. I couldn’t figure out why! (OH SO FRUSTRATING!)

As my articles changed a little bit from repeating things I’ve learned and I started adding MY OWN thoughts. That’s where the comments start. (WHOA! BLOG CHANGING MOMENT RIGHT HERE!)
People don’t feel the need to talk about things that they can just learn from a million other sources.

They react to different ideas and approaches. ENGAGE YOUR READERS. (BINGO BANGO BONGO!)
Make them want to make a comment on what you have to say.

Go give it a try on your next entry. Let me know how it works out!


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