Traffic Sources for Beginners

Hey every one! Matt here…

Lately I’ve really been emphasizing the importance of promoting my blog. Now keep in mind I’m only using low cost or free methods at this moment until I’m really ready to take off into full swing with some ad campaigns. So lets just talk about things that I’ve implemented to help me promote my blog and even analyze the results.

Using twitter on my blog I am able to get news out to my followers quickly and effectively. What a fantastic way to keep readers coming back! If I post a new blog, tweet! Everyone knows about it and they can go read it if they choose to. It really goes in full circle because many followers are coming from finding my blog initially, where I have put twitter widgets where people may chose to follow my feed from.

This is something totally new to me, but the potential earnings from it are unbelievable! Now I’m using a free trial as part of Ed Dales Thirty Day Challenge, but the possibilities of this program are amazing! What this site does is automatically creates TONS of backlinks, URL submissions, and Search Engine Submissions automatically! All you do is create some basic descriptions about your site and Traffic-Bug does the work for you!

Thirty-Day Challenge-
This is hands down the most useful thing you can use to get a web business going. If you know absolutely nothing about the Internet or marketing, or even if you are a veteran this is the one stop shop to Internet marketing and social book marking. This free program takes you step by step for 30 days to making your first dollar online! Definitely check this out at http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com

Google Analytics-
Installed Google analytics to the website today, a must have if you want to track your website and know how well you’re doing.
It’s pretty easy to set up. http://www.google.com/analytics. All you need is a Google account and you can sign up for the analytics. Its just an code you paste on every page of your website and Google will track traffic down to a tee. To the point you know what town people are visiting the site from. Truly amazing.

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