The Collegiate-Preneurs take on things…

Hey guys,

I just wanted to talk to you all about something that I wanted to make sure everyone understands about this blog. The purpose…

What exactly is the purpose of this blog that I have created?

I want to provide information in a way that most people don’t. I want it easy to find and easy to understand. None of this “beating around the bush” nonsense. I want people who search for information about Internet marketing, and websites, and affiliates; to find this blog, read what I have said and be able to understand and implement it.

So many sites now are just determined to make cash. That’s the only focus of the site. That’s why I’m trying to get by this. I want to present information that I research and gain in a simple manner. I’m not all about money, I just like to write and play this “marketing game”.

One day I want this blog to succeed my expectations and gain huge amounts of readers. I want people to talk about how nicely my information is explained and presented.

Here are some beliefs that I have about blogging right now.

1. So many of them are just designed to bring in money. This is understandable; everyone wants to make some money. But I feel like it shouldn’t be all about that. I’ve read countless times that a blog needs to be GENUINE content. Not stuff you just regurgitate for the sake of making a few pennies.

2. Blogs are supposed to be a hobby. That’s how the “good” articles are written. When people are writing for the pure enjoyment of expressing their knowledge and thoughts.

3. The best way to earn revenue is by using a passion. Clearly I like to write… clearly the very successful bloggers enjoy writing. What is a reason for their success? It’s that they enjoy writing! They like to express what they know! That’s why people relate to the articles and enjoy reading them, and usually tell other people about them!

So all in all, I want to create a helpful, inspiring site, where people who want to learn, can learn. Where people who want to share, can share. And where people who like good articles, will enjoy reading what I have to say.

— Matt

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