Prioritize and Execute… How to win

Hey guys!

I was thinking this morning about what I actually think I CAN get out of this site, and what some common misconceptions are about this whole business. There’s a huge difference between being practical and impractical. People read article that guarantee a steady income that will replace your full time job in a matter of weeks. They guarantee an obscene amount of money just seemingly flowing into your bank account every couple weeks. Once you read through enough junk, you find a good site once in a while that doesn’t make these crazy claims.

Just because ONE person was able to magically skyrocket his or her claims in this way does not in any way shape or form mean that everyone will. In fact in many places the “small print” will say, “these are not typical results”. I thought it would be a good idea to just put it out there plain and simple for everyone to see. No small print, not hiding it, and no pretending like everyone will have the same success.

This, just like any other business, is a game. If you play the right moves at the right time, you’ll profit. The problem is being able to know the right moves, and when to make them. So what are my hopes about having my own website? I want people to listen, analyze, and respond to the things that I have to say. I want to help people who are just starting, to learn the helpful things before they search through pages and pages of stuff that may have worked only one time, or none at all.

It gets annoying that every newsletter you sign up for, and every site you visit is just a 1-3 page affiliate site trying to snag your cash. What do I expect? Eventually I think I will gain some steady traffic, and comments and communication between readers and myself. That’s the point of this website in its entirety.

Go ahead, sit down with a pen and paper, figure out what you WANT from your website, figure out what you’re going to STRIVE for, and then go ahead and figure out some “DREAMS” that you would love to come true.  From here, analyze and prioritize. Make another list! Figure out the practical goals, then figure out how you an achieve them! That’s it! That’s how you succeed! That’s how you succeed in everything! Prioritize, and execute. One year from now you could have a highly successful blog, or online business. What will you achieve by the time this clock gets to zero?………


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