Auto Responder — What beats it?

Hey everyone!
I thought today would be a great day to talk about the mechanics of e-mail marketing. I’ve been researching it a lot lately and thought you would like to know a little bit about what its used for, how to get it and what the benefits would be for you.

E-mail marketing is basically gathering a list of e-mail addresses and using a mass e-mail system to pass on some information or knowledge to a large amount of people.
1. How is this used for affiliate marketing?
o Affiliate marketers use autoresponder programs such as Aweber or GetResponse.
o These programs cost a little bit of money a month but are definitely worth their weight in gold with the return they produce.
o Affiliate marketers create opt-in boxes where they gather your e-mail address.
o The autoresponder keeps records of this “list” of addresses and sends out the e-mails that you command it to.
o Then the recipients get the e-mail from the marketer, usually containing their affiliate link for a certain product.
2. Why is this form of marketing so helpful?
o Studies show that a buyer most often does not make a purchase on the first visit to the website.
o In fact, it usually takes 5 or more contacts with the customer to make sale.
o Basic rule of thumb is that if 10 contacts are made through e-mail and no sale is made, that customer is lost.
3. What are the two benefits to autoresponder and e-mail marketing?
o Keeps people going back to your website.
o Increases sales drastically

So if you’re running a site and trying to keep traffic coming back or make sales, and you aren’t looking into autoresponder I highly recommend looking into it. Go check out my Resources page for more information on autoresponder services.

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